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  • $280.00

Brinno Front Door Peephole Security Camera- Motion Detection - Knocking Sensor- Easy to Install- Superior Battery Life - Clear Image - Wire-Free - Digital Visitor Log- Black (SHC1000)


  • MOTION AND KNOCKING DETECTION: If you are home or away from all activity at your front door will continuously be monitored, and also auto-recorded; storing all images of visitors on SD card. On top of that the SHC1000 will add a time and date stamp to all images
  • SECURE YOUR HOME: Family and loved one's security was first and foremost when creating the Brinno SHC100. You can safely view who is outside without them knowing while watching on the SHC100’s large built-in LCD screen. With the new optical grade peephole lens, It delivered clear and sharp images for your review on the LCD display
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALL: Installing the SHC1000 will only take a few minutes and doesn’t require any complicated tools. We also added a user-friendly UI to easily guide your way to operate the device
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Since the SHC1000 is wire-free we wanted to make sure the batteries will last a long time. We created a highly efficient peephole camera that will last for 1,800 triggers or roughly six months
  • THEFT PROOF: Unlike other doorbell cameras that are left outside for thieves to steal. The Brinno SHC1000 is securely and safely kept inside. The result is a theft proof peephole camera that not only cannot be stolen but also is completely camouflaged from any unwanted visitors.


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